Looking to Buy the Best Desktop Computer under 1000? Here Is a List!


Buying any electronic gadgets can be quite confusing given that technology is changing every day. New products, new technology and innovative devices surface the markets daily leaving behind the already invented ones. Especially with buying laptops and desktops, the choice has become so wide that it can leave the buyers in utter ambiguity. Most of us also sometimes have a fixed budget so that our choices can be limited, leaving us searching for gaming laptop reviews and desktop reviews for many long hours, making sure we’ve made the best investment we can. If you are looking to buy the best desktop computer under 1000, then we have a list compiled for you. Mixing up great features, best price and style, here are the best options for buying a desktop computer below 1000:

  • Dell Inspiron 3000

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Powered by the Intel i5 processor, the Dell Inspiron 3000 model is one of the best in the market for a reasonable price. It comes with an 8GB ram and 1TB hard disk with a great clocking speed of 3.2 GHz. There are USB, HDMI and VGA ports for different types of connections along with an RJ45 Ethernet port for the internet. Giving a great HD viewing experience for both images and videos, Dell Inspiron 3000 is without a doubt the best desktop computer under 1000 available in the market today.

  • Asus Gr8 II

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Known as the best in the market for gaming because you enjoy games similar to league of legends and could take advantage of UnrankedSmurfs to get right into the competitve action, this desktop offers much more than an amazing gaming experience. The core is the Intel I7 processor, which is lightning fast with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz. Amazing processing power and frequency make it the best desktop for gaming. It also has good memory capacity and a different looking design, which makes it a great buy. If you are a gaming fan and looking for a desktop computer, then this is your best bet for sure!

  • Acer Chromebase AIO Touch Desktop

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This is what one can call an all-in-one desktop computer, which comes at a super affordable price in the market. The screen has a full HD 23.8 inch display. There are the right connectivity ports in place along with a decent memory capacity. This has a touch screen model on the desktop giving the users a superior experience. It is best suited for those who use video conferencing a lot and are looking for a smooth experience in that!

  • HP Pavillion

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HP is a known name in the desktop and laptop business. Trust, credibility and quality define all the HP products. They come up with innovative machines every now and then. The HP Pavilion desktop is one of a kind. The more impressive model is the gaming version of this desktop computer which provides amazing features and at affordable prices. It has an Nvidia GTX graphics card that enhances the gaming experience!

It is always important to research thoroughly before you buy any electronic items. Now that you know the best desktop computer under 1000, hit that buy button!


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