How I Used the Hacker Mindset to Get Better Grades


Don’t get mean wrong here, by hacker, I don’t mean computer hackers who involves in illegal activities. What I’m talking about is someone who has his skills so fine tuned that they can do amazing stuff in a particular area which seems like magic for others.

So what does this has to do with getting better grades in school?

Everything! You see, as a hacker, nothing is impossible, there’s a favorite saying that says “if there’s a will, there’s a way”, and that’s how the hacker lives and breathe. They don’t have boundaries in what they can do, and that’s how they do things.

If there is something they don’t understand or just can’t solve yet, they will search for the solution until they finally gets it, it’s just that simple. In a sense, they are really fascinated with the things around them and they will try to explore as much as possible and play around with it just to see what they can pull off.

As for students, it seems like they are bound by a wall that limits what they can do, but actually, it’s also a wall that they build for themselves. Here’s what I mean, student often only study what they were assigned to study. And when that happens, they bound themselves only with their own textbooks and whatever knowledge is inside.

And yes, there’s always the search engine giant “Google”. But how often do you use Google to search for knowledge and expand yours?? I bet most of the people who search on the internet is either music or entertainment related stuff, because it is an easy route and sometimes more satisfying.

But Google is such a great tool to use to get information; it’s not just a way for you to get the latest celebrity news or your “whatever you are doing” thing. You can tap into this resource and greatly expand your knowledge and understand thing.

Hackers love the Internet, especially Google, because it contains billions pages of information that could last them several lifetime. Think of Bill Gate, his company even owns a search engine, or Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple. All of these people have one thing in common; they don’t limit themselves in what they can do.

My point here is that students need to explore more, beyond what they were told.

Whenever my friends ask me what I was doing lately, I told them I was working on a project. And most of the times, they will ask “Oh, is that for school?” and most of the time I will tell them no, because it’s my personal project, and I wasn’t even in school at that time….

Do you see a pattern here? When people start assuming things, it means something. Most students are limited by their textbooks and what is in it. And the fact that most textbooks are not well written makes it even more frustrating and painful for students to study.

I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find books that I can study, and sometimes I found gold mine and that’s what you really need. You don’t need books that are written by some low paid writer whose goal is just to fill up the page with fluff and boring facts that would almost guarantee to put any students into a deep sleep when reading the first sentence.

The key here to get better grades and better academic achievement is to explore and understand as much as you can. Most students just read to fulfill the requirement, and have enough knowledge to barely pass tests. This is simply not enough.

If you truly want to get better grades, you need to understand what you study and explore as much as you can while enjoying it. You also need to relate information and connect the dots so you really do understand the material, not just learning on the surface level.

Once you start to have a habit of doing this, you will start noticing that not only your grades will improve, but at the same time you will become more intelligent. So starts now, develop your own hacker mindset and you will get better grades very soon.


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