Broadening Your Child’s Science Knowledge With Satellite TV


In the world of educational programming for children, there are the old standbys, and then there are the new innovators. And both definitely have their place, teaching generations of children the ins and outs of basic science. Whether it’s understanding the forces behind rain or the ecosystem of the pond in the backyard, science programming has always been one of the most captivating aspects of television’s educational entertainment for youngsters. And as the world that we live in gets more and more wired and there are more things to learn about, it is nice to know that some of the basics are still there to enjoy on satellite TV.

Alongside your classic programs like “Sesame Street” which mention science from time to time, there are some new innovators out there in the field that are doing things in more exciting ways. Right now, the most anticipated program that teaches both science and technology to a younger generation is called “SciGirls,” and it does a whole lot more than just let you know the wonders of the universe and your own backyard.

Before the program “SciGirls” started to air on PBS, the troubling fact about educational programming for children in the world of science is that most of it was more geared towards boys. And while there is nothing wrong with providing comprehensive overviews of science for both boys and girls, sometimes girls were not pictured as the frontrunners in the world of science. Even the big television hosts have typically been male, and the trouble with this approach to science-based education is that girls have sometimes been left behind.

But with “SciGirls” so popular on satellite TV, it’s been incredible to see the ratings go sky-high. Another reason that this young nature show seems interesting is that it features more regular-seeming students, rather than television or movie actors who happen to be teenagers. This authenticity is really exciting because apparently your children are going to be more interested in seeing things with actual kids who are their peers or seem like their older siblings, rather than some from-the-script actor you might catch on a teen drama in a couple of years.

And the science on “SciGirls” is some of the most accurate and well-chosen in all of the world of satellite TV. With so much focus now on the latest technology or just jumping right to computers and other science/technology innovations, it is nice to see a show that manages to balance that sort of information with more of the classic science approaches. Whether you’re learning about physics through figuring out how to get a gigantic puppet constructed for a parade or digging around in the local pond while finding out new and exciting facts about turtles, the girls of “SciGirls” are actually out there doing.

But there’s more to this exciting new science and nature show than simply this. What really matters is that in a world where you’re less likely to see a chemistry set as a present and more likely to have your child plopped down in front of an HDTV for hours, it’s nice to know that there are still ways of inspiring children to put down the video games and do something more constructive for a change.


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