Top Restuarants in Pune


Top 10 Restaurants in Pune

Top 10 Restaurants in Pune


1. Shizusan
Lurking within Phoenix Market City Mall is Shizusan, serving up South East Asian foodwith great flair. Styled as an Asian ‘pop’ bistro, Shizusan’s decor is subtle and restrained, thankfully shunning the typical red lanterns and fans that South East Asian restaurateurs are so fond of displaying. This inventiveness makes its way to the menu too: try the unusual Lamb and Leek Dim Sum; 12-hour Braised Pork Belly and the superb Pad Thai. For dessert, the Peanut Butter Pie and the Green-Tea Infused Tiramisu make excellent choices.Where: Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar Road2. The Greedy Man Pizzeria

The Greedy Man Pizzeria serves perhaps the best iteration of Napolitano-style pizza in the city. The perfect Neapolitan-style pizza has a light, plump circle of crust encircling its flatter centre, making it easy to finish even a 12-inch pie. The pizza base is slightly charred, its top clouded with fresh tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, and toppings are minimal. Greedy Man ticks all of these, managing to perfectly couple taste with authenticity. Some of its tastiest offerings are Bozo (Chorizo Pizza), the simple Margherita and the cheesy Quattro Formagi.

Where: Victoria Fort Leza, Kalyani Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar

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3. Mahlzeit

Mahlzeit in Koregaon Park is a great place to taste German food. This restaurant has rustic décor, but some excellent food with impressive portions. Try the Bratwurst, Currywurst and all manner of sausages really; Bratkartoffel Döner Kebab drenched in three sauces; and Bratkartoffeln crowned with a fried egg and drizzled with home-made mayonnaise. This is all made even more enticing by the fact that Mahlzeit also recently hosted a street food fest and a junkyard sale.

Where: Sapphire Hsg. Soc., Lane Number 6, Koregaon Park

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4. Madness – Social Clinic

Madness models itself as a restaurant hub. Since the space is split into three, even the crankiest diner is sure to find something that pleases him. First, there’s the Social Clinic, a resto-bar themed rather curiously around hospitals. As a sufferer of many medicalmaladies, I cannot say quite how enticing the wheelchairs and syringes will be but its restaurant does promise us that this is an appointment we are sure to love. The food is a blend of North Indian, Italian and South East Asian, aiming to find something for everyone.

Where: Lane 7, Opposite SBI Bank, Koregaon Park

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5. Donkey’s Arse

Next door to Social Clinic is Donkey’s Arse, an irreverently-named bar, that also serves (you guessed it) multi-cuisine food. Think Southern Fried Chicken Pav, Hot and SpicyChicken and Cheese Jalapeno Grilled Steak. More importantly though, it serves as a venue for comedy clubs and live music acts.

Where: Lane 7, Opposite SBI Bank, Koregaon Park

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6. Superheroes

It is the third in the tripartite restaurant hub of Madness. True to its name, the space is littered with superhero paraphernalia (a somewhat bizarre-looking Hulk greets you as soon as you enter) and is a vast play area for children. Superheroes is a boon for harried parents looking to offload their kids for a small time while they enjoy a quiet evening out – it offers nanny services, wholesome food, games and toys for little ones from 4 to 12 years.

Where: Lane 7, Opposite SBI Bank, Koregaon Park

7. Playboy Beer Garden

Playboy Beer Garden has been garnering rave reviews since it opened. It eschews the hedonism and the scantily-clad ladies of the Playboy Mansion, but instead offers an excellent bar menu, with Hoegaarden, Stella, Bira Blonde and White on tap. An in-house brewery is reputedly on the make as well. They aren’t taking any chances with the food either – tandoori cooking, sizzlers, deli food and pizzas all jostle for space on the menu.

Where: Balewadi High Street, Baner

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8. 212 All Day Cafe and Bar

A familiar name to Mumbai diners but a brand new one in Pune, 212 All Day Cafe and Bar introduces Chef Paul Kinny’s signature dishes, such as his delightful Spiced Arugula and Feta Salad, Coffee Barbecue Spare Ribs, Crab Cakes, Cheese Cigarillos and the Hearth Stone Flatbreads. 212 also serves a great all-day breakfast, with lots of egg choices.

Where: Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar Road

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9. Bubsterr’s

Bubsterr’s isn’t the newest kid on the block, but it is certainly one of the best. Young and old sit side by side, admiring the exposed brick walls and colourful posters adorning the walls. The carnival atmosphere is matched by the food – it is best known for its American-style pizzas by the slice (each of which is a massive 10 inches), although you do get burgers and hot dogs. Bubsterr’s Bacon Fiesta, with its crisp bacon and cheese topping, is an indubitable crowd pleaser but the more subtle charms of its Chicken Citron are equally beguiling. Wash it all down with the thick Oreo blend milkshake.

Where: Princeton Society, Nilanjali Society, East Ave, Princeton Town Society

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10. Savya Rasa

I’ve saved the best for the last. Savya Rasa opened last year and immediately hurtled into every gourmet’s must-eat list. The menu unites South India’s formidable regional cuisines, stretching from Syrian Christian and Nasrani to Nellore and Konganudu. The crowd-pleasing favourites of idli and sada dosa have been thankfully left off the menu; instead, you get delightful dishes such as Gongura Mamasam (mutton and sorrel leaf curry laced with a heavy hand of Guntur chillies), Bendakkai Goju (okra cooked in coconut, turmeric, tamarind and jaggery) and Meen Manga Curry (seer fish and raw mango in a coconut gravy).

Where: CTS No. 15, Koregaon Park

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